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About Me

Hey! I am Harsh, a self taught programmer and an app & web developer. I like to build things

The fact that you are reading this thing from miles away fascinates me!

Harsh S



2018 - 2022

Currently in the 2nd year, pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering at MIT World Peace University, Pune India

Suryadatta Junior College

2016 - 2018

Junior College (11th & 12th grade)

New India School

2006 - 2016

High School


Programming Languages





Java Script


Technical skills


Android Development




Other Skills

Quick learner Leadership Management Working under pressure
Communication Creativity & Imagination Optimism Team work Tabla Cooking Swimming







Google Cloud Engineer badges (visit my profile   here):

Deploying Applications

Earned Oct 6, 2019

Baseline: Deploy & Develop

Earned Oct 4, 2019

Cloud Development

Earned Oct 20, 2019

Websites and Web Applications

Earned Oct 21, 2019

Exploring APIs

Earned Oct 29, 2019


  • Hackerrank

    Java Golden badge and rank 1 on Hackerrank

  • GitHub Arctic Code vault

    Part of the GitHub Arctic archive program

  • Software Startup incubated by MIT TBI

    Role: Co-Founder, CEO

  • ML, NLP Research Project at Pune University

    Neural networks, ML, AI

    Under the guidance of Dr. Dilip Kanhere, theoretical physicist, SPPU

  • Cyber Disease Prelims

    1 of 3 selected from Pune, India, final ntionals round in IIT Bombay 2020

    12 hours long competition prelims

  • Mozilla Campus Club MIT WPU

    November, 2019 - Present

    CodersEra is now the official Mozilla Campus of MIT WPU

  • Website for ClassyHomes Interior

    August, 2019 - Present

    Role: Managing a team of 6 people and getting the website developed

    Worked with: HTML, CSS | Framework: Bootstrap

  • Website for Technobotik

    August, 2019 - Present

    Role: Managing a team of 6 people and getting website developed

    Worked with: HTML, CSS | Framework: Bootstrap

  • MIT Console

    March, 2019 - Present

    Developed MIT WPU Student Console, a multipurpose app for all the students at my University with features like events tracker, attendance tracker, get to know your peers, study material, lost and found, time table, assignments section etc, which can be found here.

    Languages worked with: Java, XML, PHP, MYSQL, JSON, HTML, CSS | Backend: Firebase + custom, hosted online

  • CodersEra MIT WPU

    December, 2018 - Present

    Founder & President at CodersEra MIT WPU a coding club at MIT WPU

    I Founded CodersEra, a coding club of MIT WPU to build a coding culture at MIT & share & learn with peers and work on real life projects together I directly & indirectly lead & manage 30+ people & all club projects

    CodersEra is also the official CodeChef Campus Chapter of MIT WPU.

  • LearnAc

    July, 2017 - June 2018

    Developed an app for students at LearnAc Pune

    Languages worked with: Java, XML

  • Bug hunting

    August, 2017 - Present

    Found security vulnerabilities on the above organisations, and received tanks/ recognition by them


    Got selected for an Internship at IOTIOT Pune

    Profile: Developing IOT libraries to support their native OS. (I did not do the internship due to other commitments)

My Projects

  • Agent for Google Assistant using DialogFlow

    Webhooks: NodeJS

  • Task-Inator

    A simple clutter free platform for assigning tasks to your team and check its completion status.

    Java, XML, Firebase, Flutter (Dart)

  • Decideinator

    An app for picking a random cuisine and a random restaurant for you in just a few clicks!

    Java, XML

  • File Search

    September, 2019 - Present

    Developing a search application from scratch for Android. This app can find files that contain the keywords that the user entered.

    Languages worked with: Java, C++ (NDK), XML

  • Acceleracers

    August, 2018 - Present

    Acceleracers apps: I developed 2 Android applications for the Formula Student team of my University. One of the app is for team management. Heads can give tasks to members, set deadlines and track progress. This app also has a feature to manage and keep inventory of parts & machinery and can calculate costs per department

    Languages worked with: Java, XML | Backend: Firebase

    Acceleracers website: I developed the website of Acceleracers, the Formula Student Club of my University

    Worked with: HTML, CSS | Framework: Bootstrap

  • Acceleracers

    August, 2018 - Present

    I was part of the electronics team at Acceleracers the Formula Student club at MIT World Peace University, Pune . I along with my teammates developed a Telemetry and Data Logging system, a Gear-Positioning-System, Electronic gear shifter, Data acquisition system, Lap Timing system, Engine harness etc for our Formula car

    Events: Formula Bharat 2019 & SUPRA 2019

  • Brake Biasing calculator

    January, 2019

    Developed an Android app for Formula student teams to check their brake biasing & calculate required brake biasing by entering some lengths and details..

    Languages worked with: Java, XML

Extra Curricular Achievements

Formula Bharat

January 2019

An engineering design competition in which students design. build and compete with a formula-style prototype.

FLL OEC 2016

March 2018

Team India at FLL Open European Championship Spain 2016. Team sponsored by Tata Motors under #madeofgreat campaign. Role: Programmer, Public Relations, Community Outreach


September 2014 - May 2016

West Zone champions for FLL 2016, 2nd place at WRO 2014. Qualified for nationals - FLL 2015 & 2016, WRO 2014 & 2015, Role: Programmer

Mini Muenchen

August 2014

Indian ambassador at Mini-Muenchen 2016

Dev Fest

Invited / attnded various dev fests

Inter-school Scratch competition

March 2018

2nd Prize at inter-school Scratch Competition organised by Acharya Vijay Vallabh school at City level


Android Development Add on course

July 2019

Conducted an Android Development add on course for Third year students at MIT WPU

Scratch Workshop

July 2019

Conducted a Scratch Workshop for First Year (Freshmen) students

Robotics workshop for Middle School students at New India School

January 2016

Helped conduct a basic Robotics workshop for middle school students at New India School


Scribe for blind students

2018 - Present

I frequently volunteer as a scribe for blind students (from Niwant NGO) for their exams.

Listener on 7cups

May 2020 - Present

I am here to listen to people annd talk to them and help them with what distresses them.

President of the Interact Club of Rotary Club of Pune Sinhagd road

July 2015 - July 2016

Lead an anti-plastic drive which aimed educating school goers about the harms of plastic and urging them to use metal substitutes for plastic products like a metal water bottle. This was covered by local news papers.

Vice - President of the Interact Club of Rotary Club of Pune Sinhagd road

July 2014 - July 2015

Projects Complete

Ideas worked on

Apps Developed

Cups of Coffee